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The biggest worry is time

"If we are going to do this, then we have to get it right," said Jane Sansome. "I am feeling rushed and I am aware of the issues because I have attended a seminar on the reviews.

"But there are a lot of heads who haven't and they are rapidly running out of time."

The head of 97-pupil Cliffdale primary special school should not have too many problems, as only three of her 14 teachers receive management allowances. But she is concerned that she will not have the flexibility to award temporary TLRs in the way she used to with the allowance system.

Because Cliffdale is a special school, staff qualify for special educational needs payments. The possibility of them receiving TLRs on top has meant Ms Sansome has had to consider raising leadership group salaries to maintain differentials. Overall, she expects her new structure will cost more. "Which is not ideal," she said. "But I don't think it will have a massive financial impact."

Time is a big worry. "Some of this is going to depend on me meeting the people I need to consult.

"I don't have reps from all the unions in school, so there is a possibility I just won't be able to do this. It is a nightmare," she said.

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