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Bingo and a question of faith

A young Muslim boy was off school for a pilgrimage to Mecca. His religious education teacher decided it was an ideal opportunity to foster a bit of multiculturalism and, on the boy's return, told the class where their friend had been.

An outraged fellow pupil at the back of the class immediately shouted: "Why was Mohammed allowed time off to spend his holidays at bingo?" "No, Mecca is a place." "I know it is, Sir," the enraged pupil exclaimed, "It's just down the road."

The teacher retorted: "No, it's a sacred place!" "That's what my Nan said to Granddad, so he is not allowed to go on Saturdays", came the reply.

Apparently, the Muslim boy sat through this exchange looking bemused.

(Thanks to our friends at for that one).

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