Birth of the state independent school

CITY ACADEMIES Opening this term: Bexley business academy, London.

Greig city academy, Haringey.

Unity city academy, Middlesbrough East.

Opening 2003:

Capital city academy, Brent, London.

The King's academy, Middlesbrough South.

The academy at Peckham, Southwark, London.

The Walsall city academy, Walsall.

Bristol city academy.

Compton enterprise and sports academy, Ealing, London.

Djanogly city academy, Nottingham.

Ducie high school, Manchester (in development, opening 20034).

Opening 2004:

London academy, Barnet.

Dixons CTC Cathedral Church of England, Bradford.

Mossbourne community academy, Hackney, London.

Evelyns community academy, Hillingdon, London.

Lambeth academy, London.

Agnes Stewart Braim Wood, Leeds (in development).

North Liverpool city academy.

Lings Upper School, Northampton (in development).

City of London academy, Southwark.

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