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Bishop's pawns

THE Bishop of Blackburn writes that concerns regarding church schools, are "flimsily based" (TES, March 2) yet he fails to address a central concern of most atheists; that a faith-based education system fails to provide children with impartial, balanced, information on religious issues.

My son attends a non-denominational, state school. Pupils there are not told that they must believe in a god, but they are not taught that there is an alternative. Combine this with daily worship and for many children the idea of non-belie probably doesn't exist.

It is inappropriate for public funds be used to promote religious beliefs through our education system, particularly when the Church already has an infrastructure for just that - a campaign centre in almost every village?

Rather than using taxes to build more church schools, shouldn't the Government be investing in an education system which produces individuals equipped to make their own, informed, opinions on religion?

Alan Powell


Drybrook , Gloucestershire

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