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Bit of unity at last

I was staggered to read the union leaders' joint letter. I was an NEC member of NASUWT 1990-2000. I resigned because tunnel-visioned NEC members, including Chris Keates, thwarted every move Eamonn O' Kane made towards forming one, effective teacher trade union.

These members used to criticise the ATL over its unwillingness to take industrial action while the ATL labelled us the "NASTIES".

I am delighted the NASUWT and ATL have made a massive shift to come together. Sadly, on past experience of both I am sceptical about future progress.

The letter from an NUT activist ("Fraternal greetings", TES, January 27), that forced this joint statement, pointed to dissatisfaction among teachers looking for action over issues including TLRs and PPA time.

Is it just possible, that the letter from Ms Bousted and Ms Keates is a result of the NUT winning the hearts and minds of frustrated classroom teachers?

Tony Callaghan

57 Portland Street, Norwich

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