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Bitten by a Shanghai smokie

WHEN in China, it is obviously best not to enquire too closely into the table offerings.

Ian Templeton, warden of Glenalmond College, traipsed over to Shanghai the other week - as you do - with his wife Aline to lure potential boarders. Wealthy Chinese businessmen have taken to the merits of a sound education.

During dinner with their hosts the conversation turned to the more challenging Chinese delicacies. "Would you like to try snake?" Mrs T was asked. "Yes, if it's on the menu," she quipped.

Ten minutes later the waitress arrived with barbecued pieces of an unspecified long thin reptile. As this was China, face had to be saved and reptile swallowed. "A bit like kippers" was the verdict.

Students at the Perthshire college should perhaps check those Loch Fyne breakfast delights a little more circumspectly in future.

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