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Blankety blank

Five years ago we took 50 Primary 7s to Ardroy education centre near Lochgoilhead, says the teacher at Aberhill Primary in Fife. We were away for a full week canoeing, abseiling and practising our survival skills. We do it every year, but that one stuck out for me because it was my first I had just qualified as a teacher.

One night, a boy knocked on the door of the staffroom. He gave us a right fright but we realised from the blank look on his face, and the fact he wasn't saying anything, that he was sleepwalking. We led him quietly back to bed.

The next day he couldn't remember what had happened, so we told him to look at his white socks. They were filthy because he'd walked across the car park. He was quite shocked. I suppose we were lucky that was as far as he went we were surrounded by woods.

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