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Blow for Advanced Higher

University principals say they cannot endorse Advanced Higher as the standard for entry because pupils from some schools might be penalised.

The Committee of Scottish Higher Education Principals points out that some schools may not be able to offer a full portfolio of Advanced Highers. "Therefore (we) would not wish to promote policies which would discriminate against students from such schools. (We) are also aware of the possible difficulties for some students who enter courses of higher education at intermediate points."

The committee adds that, while it "encourages" students to aim for Advanced Highers, the Higher must remain the key benchmark.

Alistair Johnston, president of the Headteachers' Association of Scotland, which wants Higher Still delayed by another year to 1999, says the Advanced Higher is now in danger of becoming CSYS under a new name, consigning the sixth year to a continuing wasted opportunity in the process.

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