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Blueprint for Wales

An ambitious strategy to transform education and training in Wales has been launched by the Assembly government.

Y Siwrnai ("the Journey") aims to develop a new blueprint for education that will raise standards and deliver better value for money.

Much of the detail is yet to be filled in, but it will cover the full range of provision from early years to adult education and draw together a number of existing policies.

More primary and secondary reorganisations are likely to take place as local councils are urged to consider transforming pre-16 education. The plan also raises the likelihood of changes to the curriculum and teaching practice.

The strategy builds on work carried out over the past year to transform post-16 education. It asked local councils to develop proposals to reorganise school and college provision to improve choices for learners and reduce course duplication.

It notes a slew of policy developments and initiatives, including the introduction of vocationally-led 14-19 courses, and schools having to contend with changes to the school curriculum and qualifications system, most notably the play-led foundation phase and the skills-led Welsh Baccalaureate.

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