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Blunkett's dire impact on education

Tim Brighouse didn't really challenge the myths surrounding David Blunkett during his time as Education Secretary ("Success against the odds", TES, October 20), but there was a touch of reverse discrimination in recognition of his triumph over disability.

Mr Blunkett re-appointed Chris Woodhead as chief inspector of schools and let him continue his campaign of abusing "failing" teachers and schools.JMr Blunkett himself exposed for press humiliation the "worst 25 schools in England" with the threat to "improve or close".

Mr Blunkett also imposed the literacy hour on primary schools to "drive up standards" and stands as the architect of the grammar-laden, dull, book-free English primary curriculum.

And how many "ordinary Sheffield lads" spent most of their spare time in a cottage on the Chatsworth estate of the Duke of Devonshire?

Richard Knights. Liverpool

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