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COLIN RAMSAY is an education authority governor at Nansloe primary in Helston, Cornwall.

A former teacher, trainer and drama enthusiast, he is also a committee member of the National Governors' Council and was inaugural chairman of the Cornwall schools' governors council.

What made you want to be a


My involvement started when my children were young. I came in as a parent-governor from a background in education. I had a fascination with education and a desire to see it improve.

Has the experience fulfilled your expectations?

A qualified yes. The education of children in the country has been vastly improved but there has been a strait-jacketing of the curriculum, with music and drama getting the short straw.

What dodon't you like?

There is the curious paradox that so many governors decry the weight of reading matter, and yet are aware that sometimes there is not appropriate consultation from the Government over important issues.

What is the biggest, best or worst change you've seen during your time as a governor?

The best change is the development of attitudes and provision for special educational needs andits results. I have a real hatred of the present funding system. The standard spending assessment system is iniquitous, particularly in an area like Cornwall.

What does your family think of your commitment?

They've always been very supportive, especially my wife.

Where does governing fit into your life?

It's one of the two main concerns in my life - the other is drama and theatre.

If you could wave a wand, what would you wish for the school?

The main problem in our school is that it serves a Royal Navy air establishment. We can predict children's national test results but those children are not there in two years' time. Figures are useful but I cannot approve of the stress given to tables and results of all kinds in this country.

And who or what would you make disappear?

The personality of the chief inspector of schools has been a demoralising one. His resignation should be welcomed.

Who would be your ideal

fantasy governor?

A young, working man or woman who has had nothing to do with education, with a vital interest in children. We have enough education expertise and need a little more common sense.

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