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Board decision for recovery

It is implied in your article "Principal sacked over redundancy row reinstated as inquiry ordered" (FE Focus January 9) that Mr O'Keeffe's employment was terminated because he proposed to make members of the college's senior management team redundant and that the senior managers referred to in your article were instrumental in bringing about Mr O'Keeffe's dismissal.

It should be made clear that the dismissal was instigated and managed by the Salisbury College board of corporation.

The four senior managers had no involvement in the reasons behind the board's decision and were reinstated to facilitate the operational management of the college.

Over the past two months the college management, the staff and external consultants have worked to support the board of corporation to develop a viable recovery strategy for the college to ensure financial stability and success in the future.

Sophie DiLeo

Board of Corporation

Salisbury College


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