On board at HIE

The Secretary of State has just made an interesting appointment to the board of Highlands and Islands Enterprise. Joan Currie, a Sutherland businesswoman, is rather better known in northern circles as chairman of the school board at opted-out Dornoch Academy.

Alas, Currie will not be taking her seat alongside Val MacIver, Highland's education convener, who has been at war with Dornoch since the school went off on its own. MacIver has been dumped from HIE after a seven-year stint.

It appears that Currie came favourably to the attention of Fraser Morrison, the construction boss who chairs HIE and is presumably influential in any reshuffle. Morrison would no doubt have used the opportunity to size up Currie when he presented the Dornoch Academy prizes at the end of last session.

A bold and ecumenical appointment indeed by new Labour. At least by next session, Dornoch will return to the Highland fold.

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