Board supports Anglican advice

Peter Shepherd (TES Letters, May 17) seems upset at a proposed amendment to the education Bill that would empower diocesan boards of education to give advice to the governing bodies of voluntary- aided Church of England schools on admissions policies. He concludes rightly that the advice will tend towards an inclusive approach. The advice will also take account of local circumstances.

This is in line with Lord Dearing's report, published before last year's debate over faith schools, with the Archbishop of Canterbury's TES article in January and with the statement of the House of Bishops. And it is very Anglican: a coherent and consistent commitment to service to the wider community of the nation as well as to nurturing the young people of Christian families. The government amendment will add weight to that long-standing commitment and has the full support of the board of education and its chairman the Bishop of Blackburn.

Canon John Hall

General secretary and chief education officer

Church of England board of education

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