The Bolognese bus

COOKING is cool - especially if you use the right ingredients from the right supermarket.

That presumably is the subliminal message of the Cooking Bus - a lorry with a trailer, actually - which Waitrose is sponsoring to go round schools, promoting the forgotten art of making your own dinner, using fresh produce provided daily by their local branch, naturally.

Alas, the message may have been lost on pupils at Scraptoft primary in Leicester, who piled onto the bus to cook their own spaghetti bolognese- which was the piece de resistance of one particular nipper in the class.

The on-board teacher had thoughtfully brought along the canned stuff, so pupils could compare it to their home-made version. And where did the cans come from? Tesco. Apparently the local Waitrose didn't stock it.

A press officer gushes: "Waitrose don't really care about promoting themselves - it's just a cause they believe in," pausing for breath to add: "Other supermarkets have been co-operating. It's fantastic."

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