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Book an expert librarian

IT is a shame that John Dexter's school (Science and Technology curriculum special, TES, September 8) had not read Kath Kilburn's article "Libraries deserve the best", in that week's Friday magazine and realised the value of appointing a chartered librarian to support the staff and pupils.

John's difficulties would be re-solved if the school had an expert to manage its resources with a truly cross-curricular approach. He would then be able to use the internet and other resources to give pupils the benefits o a range of information and formats.

Many heads are content to appoint library assistants, often referring to them as "the librarian", and expect them to fulfil the role without the four-plus years' training. Would those heads put a classroom assistant in a classroom and call them a teacher?

Not to be too pessimistic though, in 1997 23 per cent of secondaries employed a chartered librarian, in 1999 this had risen to 29 per cent.

Helen Pallett

Lowdham Road

Gunthorpe, Nottingham

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