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Book of the week: Bagpuss, Darth and me

I'm a Teacher Get Me Out of Here By Francis Gilbert Short Books pound;9.99

Francis Gilbert is a natural storyteller. His tale of his PGCE and his first three years in a struggling inner-London secondary is always compelling. What's more, it's true. I read it in one jaw-dropping gulp. With brutal honesty he reveals the awful reality of starting his career in a dysfunctional school in the early 1990s. The school, its identity shielded by a particularly small fig leaf, is bottom of the league tables when he gets there.

But before that, he struggles to get accepted on a PGCE course, and once at Cambridge he paints the first of many vivid vignettes. Professor Holmes is his other-worldly tutor given to espousing modern methods while expecting nothing but silent acquiesence from students exposed to his remorseless lecturing style.

We move on to the heart of the story -nbsp;Gilbert's three-year initiation in his first job -and meet the main cast. There's the "tough bruiser" of an archetypal deputy head who "knew how to deal with kids... a big man with a definitive air of Michael Caine in Get Carter about him". We read of him pacing the classroom like Darth Vader in a suit as he effortlessly restores calm for the author. To be his friend in the staffroom helps to keep order.

Tim Brighouse is commissioner for London schools

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