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Book of the week: Pack up their troubles

Behaviour Recovery By Bill Rogers Paul Chapman pound;18.99

Bill Rogers is the only speaker I have heard who could get secondary school teachers excited about tackling EBDnbsp; in their classrooms," said a colleague after attending one of his training sessions. Rogers has a gift for communicating his ideas in person. His sense of humour and Antipodean charm carry him a long way. But the ideas are good, too, and a sense of humour isn't essential (although, let's face it, teaching EBD students without possessing a GSOH is like going abroad without your passport; try it at your peril).

The content of Behaviour Recovery is sound. Rogers views the skills needed for teaching students with EBD as good teaching practice and not something that has to exist in a parallel universe. "There is a perception among some teachers that the discipline of children with emotional and behavioural disorders needs to be different from children in the so-called `normal range of behaviour'. I am not convinced of this." He adds that the practices described in the book "are relevant for all children in all contexts". I couldn't agree more.

Kate Spohrer is a behaviour and education support team co-ordinator in Sandwell, West Midlands

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