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LCP's worksheet packs for practising grammar include: Flash-grammaire and Action grammaire for French, Info-Grammatik and Grammatik Plus for German, Flash grammatical for Spanish, and Agenda grammatica and Ancora grammatica for Italian. pound;35+vat each. LCP's Pas ... pas pound;49.95 packs are step-by step preparation for GCSE French AQA, OCR and Edexcel. Each includes a cassette or CD for listening practice.

Hodder Murray's titles include GCSE Role Plays for AQA audio CD, pound;35.24, for French, Spanish and German. The Achieve! GCSE SpanishFrenchGerman Skills books pound;4.99 - pound;6.99, and cassettes pound;17.99 - pound;24.66 + VAT, feature exam hints and tips for OCR.

!Clarismo! Practice and Revision for the new specification Spanish GCSE (second edition) also gives training in study skills, pound;5.50, cassette Pounds 25.99. Bravo! pound;5.50, cassette plus teachers' notes pound;32.63, does the same job for all new French GCSE specifications and for German there is Das Stimmt!, at the same prices. For Italian, Upgrade Your Italian is a 30-day revision programme, pound;10.99, and Saluti supplies writing practice for the compulsory written component of GCSE exams, pound;9.99. Booster GCSE French, pound;2.99 (for WH Smith) has an A-Z of key words.

OUP has Espanol en claro para AQA for Spanish consolidation and practice - workbooks pound;2, teacher's book pound;11.50, cassettes pound;20 + VAT.

Fokus Deutsche fuer AQA is OUP's Exam Success CD-Rom for German: student's edition pound;7.50 for independent use and site-licensed teacher's edition pound;175, both + VAT. Francoscope pour AQA Exam Success CD-Rom does the same job for French, at the same prices.

Nelson Thornes's GCSE Exam Preparation sets comprise CD-Rom and audio CD for French, German and Spanish for AQA, Edexcel and OCR. pound;160+VAT.

www.nelsonthornes.comgepp Heinemann has one revision set: Revise for German GCSE in two parts - "Reading and Writing" pound;7.75 and "Listening and Speaking" pound;7.75 or pound;17.75 with two cassettes.

Collins's Clique Francais Interactive CD-Rom with teacher's notes, Pounds 70.49, helps students to practise their listening and speaking skills.

Letts's Revise GCSE study guides are available for French , German and Spanish, with CDs. pound;9.99 - pound;13.99. GCSE in a Week is a "rapid revision" series for French. pound;5.99. GCSE Success Essential for French is pocket-sized, pound;3.99 CILT, the National Centre for Languages, has a huge catalogue of books and resources, an information and library service, and website with listings of publishers. Grant Cutler

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