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Books that can beat the blues

Don't pop a pill. Pop into the library. That's what stressed teachers in the North-east are being advised. Instead of Prozac, GPs will prescribe self-help books to ease mental pain. The books on the list have been carefully chosen, but teachers may want to pick out some others for themselves. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens would be particularly helpful for secondary teachers; then overcome those habits with Get Anyone to Do Anything. Meanwhile, Stop Nail-biting and Get Amazing Results appears to offer a fail-proof cure for anxiety. While such titles as the incontrovertible Wherever You Go There You Are may not provide solace for everyone, it is probably more comforting than Wherever You Go There's Andrew Adonis.

The most effective soother is to escape from teaching altogether by writing your own best-seller. But how many teachers would have time to read it?

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