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Booting the unsuited or a bullies' charter?

I welcome the proposed changes to the regulations dealing with poorly performing teachers ("Job applicants' appraisals are opened up to heads," 27 May).

As a teacher who works hard to ensure all my lessons help students progress and achieve their potential, I am angered by the fact that there are teachers who either will not or cannot improve their teaching.

A struggling teacher, of course, needs help, support and training. But if this does not improve standards I cannot accept that whole classes of students should be left to flounder, especially in exam years.

The fact remains that however nice a poor teacher may be, nobody would want their child to be taught by one.

It is our job to help students reach their potential, and if a teacher is unable to help students progress they can do serious damage to their education.

Hannele Lyttle, Redbridge, London.

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