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Bout one of title contest

Intense competition rages this week for the best or most outlandish education-related title.

Miss Bliss, a blogger and former teacher, has brought to our attention a brilliantly evocative job title created by Manchester City Council. Yes, you too could become a "Teenage Pregnancy Implementation Manager".

The job pays up to pound;33,000 a year and the role is supposed to involve reducing teen pregnancies, even if it sounds like you would be doing the opposite.

But title of the week must go to "Voice" - the name being considered for the Professional Association of Teachers. The teachers' union deserves to win if only because the acronym is open to so many interpretations, ranging from the flattering - Very Organised In-Control Educators - to the less so - Victorian Opinionated Infirm Corduroy-clad Eccentrics.

The chief drawback is that more than 30 other organisations already use Voice as their title, including the Christian group Viewing Ourselves in Christ's Eyes, Vocal Oklahomans in Civic Engagement, and the Vietnamese Overseas Initiative for Conscience Empowerment.

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