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Box of delights

As part of a project on rocks and minerals, Years 3 and 4 at Dunnington school in Alcester, Warwickshire, visited a local quarry. Teacher Joyce Brenda tells us all went smoothly until everyone had to visit the manager's office, up a set of steep steps above the quarry. When the time came to descend, two of the staff were overcome by vertigo, and, to avoid alarming the children, had to be discreetly helped down by quarry workers. Alas, their ordeal was not over as a second, farewell visit to the office was lined up. Undaunted, the two climbed up again, this time making sure the children were all back on the bus before they had to be brought slowly back down to earth for a second time. Mrs Brenda commends their "selflessness beyond the call of duty", and for giving us a bit of a chuckle we're sending them a case of fine wine to share in the staffroom.

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