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Boxing decision was unanimous

The claim that confusion surrounds the examination board OCR's refusal to assess boxing at GCSE and A-level (FE Focus, June 18) is not warranted.

Schools and colleges can teach what they want and an exam board decides on what it will assess. At the start of the "four-year battle", as the article describes it, OCR did not assess boxing and schools knew that.

One college appealed to have boxing placed on the list of assessable subjects. Our own appeals panel directed us to reconsider the situation.

OCR decided not to assess boxing. It was never claimed that the Joint Council for General Qualifications had taken a stand on the matter. We said all the other awarding bodies agreed with OCR that boxing was unsuitable to be assessed as "injury, including head injury, is intentional in the sport."

Finally, the new chief executive of OCR is not convinced that the original reconsideration took place in a sufficiently timely and transparent manner.

He has therefore offered a further review to the college in question and is awaiting its agreement.

Bene't Steinberg Head of public affairs OCR

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