Boy won't be girl'd

By way of contrast, we move to the city of Bath, where the power was with the women last weekend. The city's Royal High School for girls was host to the Girls' Day School Trust's annual head girls' conference (aim: "to develop leadership and teamwork skills"). Present were 99 girls and one boy, Will Docking, a deputy head boy from the newly co-ed sixth form at Howell's school, in Llandaff, south Wales.

Was he ogled? "It was fine," said Will breezily. "The reaction at first was, 'What's a boy doing here?' But once we were in groups we settled down and it was just like being at school (where Will is the only boy in his history class)." Where did he stay? With the Royal High's headmaster, James Graham-Brown, who could chat about cricket and football - and what it's like to be a solitary man among all those future female leaders.

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