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Boycott ballot must be direct

Following a survey of National Union of Teachers' members, I read that the union proposes to continue the boycott of the national curriculum tests, as "a large majority are still opposed to them" (TES, November 11). It was, however, pointed out that "the specific question (on whether to continue the boycott) was not asked in the survey", but that "the NUT is expected to interpret the response . . . as a willingness to go on with the action".

I have been a member of the NUT for 11 years and have always followed calls for strike action, work to rules, boycotts and so on, as we have always been clearly balloted. However, the questions in this recent survey were so worded that one could not fail to appear to support a continued boycott. I felt angry that my views could be so misrepresented .

The NUT is foolish if it thinks it can manipulate members in this way. Unless I am balloted specifically on the question of the boycott, it will lose yet another member.


Mulberry Barn, Groton Place

Groton, Suffolk

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