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Bradford International Film Festival


Hollywood, Bollywood, Cannes ... Bradford. It's about time the cinematic capital of West Riding took its place among the greats. From this weekend, Bradford film lovers will be able to sample a buffet of world cinema from the comfort of their 'hood, with talks from Kenneth Branagh and safari-suited charmer Michael Palin.

But the highlight promises to be Uncharted States, a season of low-key indie films from some of America's most underrated outposts. Broke Sky relates the story of two road-kill sweepers in west Texas whose unbelievably awful job goes from bad to worse when they stumble across a murdered corpse. And When is Tomorrow ploughs its own anti-buddy movie furrow as best mates Ron and Jake meet up after five years to find they have absolutely nothing in common.

If you like your visual pleasures at 32in max, the TV Heaven strand brings together some of the small screen delights of the past century. The original pilot of Monty Python's Flying Circus and Johnny Cash in San Quentin, a documentary about the country star's gig in one of the US's most notorious prisons, are just two of the highlights.

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