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Bradley fires an SOS to his mum

From 'Lost in Isolation' by Aaron, which featured in the film "Lost in the Hood"

Escaping through books

Like Harriet Tubman On the Underground Railway through life

When everyone's on the roads

Cooking up fights

Bradley stays in

Full-filling his mind

At school Roald Dahl Was his style

But unlike Danny

He wasn't the champion of his world

Love shared unequally at home

That's why when Bradley hits the road

He's always on his own

At home his voice is muted

Starting fires is his only source of communication

Bradley tries to reach out

Bud his mum can't see the wood for the trees

So Bradley lights urban bush fires

Sending SOS signals for her to see

Mentally writing 'listen to me'

In thick black smoke lost to the sky

Lack of trust got Bradley

Depending on no man

Just himself

As a youth

His emotions were locked away

Like a cookie jar on the top shelf

Bob Marley's lyrics

Circulate in his head

'No man is an island'

So he searches for information

About his nation

In the books that he reads

Locked in a library cell

Planning the blueprint of life.

Bradley Argos,

He's got a story to tell

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