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Puzzles to test mathematical skills - for the answers see end of story.

Line of symmetry

You need six cubes - two red, two blue, two green and some squared paper.

* Ann has six cubes: two red, two green, two blue.

* She puts them in a line to make a symmetrical pattern.

* Here is one of Ann's patterns:


l How many other symmetrical patterns can Ann make by putting her six cubes in a line?


* Join any four numbers.

* Find their total.

* Joins can go up, downor sideways, but not diagonally.

* The score shown is 8 + 15 + 6 + 18 = 47.

* Find the highest possible score.

* Find the lowest possible score.

* Try joining five numbers.

* Now try four diagonal joins.


* Line of symmetry

Anna can arrange her cubes like this:

1 red, green, blue, blue, green, red

2 green, red, blue, blue, red, green

3 green, blue, red, red, blue, green

4 blue, red, green, green, red, blue

5 blue, green, red, red, green, blue

* Joins

Highest score 19+15 +17+18 = 69

Lowest score 6+5+2+17 = 30

Using five numbers: Highest is 20 +18 +13+17+18 = 86

Lowest is 6+18+2+5+6 = 37

Using diagonals: Highest is 19+17+14+15+18 = 83

Lowest is 13+6+20+2+6 = 47

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