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Puzzles to test mathematical skills

AGES 5-7: House numbers

A street has equal numbers of houses on both sides. They are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on, along one side to the end of the street, then back on the other side to finish opposite number 1. House number 12 is opposite number 29.

AGE 8-11: Ages and ages

A. Max is four times older than his sister. She is nine years younger than he is. How old is Max?

B. Jade's father is three times older than he was 30 years ago. How old is Jade's father?


House numbers

There are 11 houses before number 12, so there must be 11 houses after number 29, making a total of 40.

Ages and ages

Max is 12 years old.

Jade's father is 45 years old.

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Tes Editorial

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