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Taller and taller

When Kate stands on a stool, she is 35cm taller than Sam. When Sam stands on the same stool, he is 55cm taller than Kate.

Who is taller, Sam or Kate?

By how much?

What is the height of the stool?

Code cracker

Age 11 to 13

These calculations are in code.

Each of the letters A to F stands for a different digit.

A+A=B CxC=BD C+C=DB AxC=EF What is the code answer to these?

a. AA+CC c. ABVE b. AAxC d. BB-EC

Brainteaser solutions

Taller and taller Sam is 10cm taller than Kate.

The height of the stool is 45cm.

Code cracker

A = 4. B = 8, C = 9, D = 1, E = 3, F = 6.

If C + C = DB, then D = 1.

If C x C = BD and D=1, then C=9 and B = 8.

If A + A = B, then A = 4.

If A x C = EF, then E = 3 and F = 6.

a. AA+ CC is DAE.

b. AA x C is ECF.

c. AB .-.J E is DF.

d. BB - EC = AC

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