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Puzzles to test mathematical skills. Set by Anita Straker.

Solutions on page 31. More brainteasers on

Ludo party

Age 8-11

Two boys and two girls are going to play a game of ludo.

James says he will play if Laura plays.

Laura says she won't play if Rashid plays.

Rashid says he won't play if Ali or Zoe plays.

Ali says he will play only if Yasmin plays.

Which four children play ludo?

Express train

Age 13-15

Two trains start at the same time, one going from Carlisle to London, the other from London to Carlisle. Each train travels at a constant speed for the whole journey.

The trains arrive at their destinations 1 hour and 4 hours respectively after passing each other.

How much faster is one train than the other?

Brainteaser solutions from page 30


The players are Ali, James, Laura and Yasmin.

* Since Rashid won't play with Ali, the two boys must be Ali and James or Rashid and James.

* Since James will play only if Laura plays, but Laura won't play with Rashid, the two boys must be Ali and James.

* Since James wants Laura to play, and Ali wants Yasmin to play, the two girls are Laura and Yasmin.

express train

One train is twice as fast as the other.

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