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* AGE 5-7: Dominoes

Hannah's set of 28 dominoes goes from double zero to double six.

She chose two of them.

The total of the spots on the dominoes was 20.

Which dominoes did Hannah choose?

Find all the possibilities.

* AGE 9-11: Coloured cube

You need: 9 red, 9 blue and 9 green cubes, all the same size; squared paper; a red, a blue and a green pen.

Using the colourd cubes, build a big 3 by 3 by 3 cube. On each face, each row and each column must have all three colours in it.

Next, using squared paper, draw and colour a plan of each 3 by 3 face of your big cube.

BRAINTEASERS SOLUTIONS ON PAGE 47: Dominoes: 66, 62; 66, 53; 66, 44;65, 63; 65, 54; 64, 55.

Cubes: Red Blue GreenGreen Red Blue Blue Green Red(or similar combinations).

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