Puzzles to test mathematical skills, set by Anita Straker. Solutions below. More brainteasers on

Present sense

Aziza has bought five presents.

She puts them in two piles.

The value of the presents in one pile is double the value of the presents in the other pile

Find three different ways that Aziza could do this.

Tease pudding

Mary, John and Peter all like Christmas pudding.

Last year, they shared a whole pudding.

John had twice as much as Peter. Mary's portion was the average of John's and Peter's portions.

What fraction of the pudding did each of them have?


Present sense (age 6 - 9) pound;5 pound;1, pound;2, pound;3, pound;4, pound;4 pound;2, pound;3, pound;5, pound;2, pound;3 pound;1, Pounds 4, pound;5. Tease pudding (9 - 13) John has four-ninths, Mary has three-ninths or one-third, and Peter has two-ninths.

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