A brand new start in Glasgow

More than 28,000 Glasgow pupils went back to school in new or refurbished buildings this week, including those at Rosshall Secondary which replaces Penilee and Crookston Castle secondaries.

The city's pound;1.2 billion public private partnership (PPP) scheme has now seen the rebuilding of 10 new secondaries and the refurbish-ment of 18 others. The final school, a replacement for St Thomas Aquinas Secondary in Jordanhill, is due to be completed in December 2003.

After Glasgow's experience last year, it was the turn of West Lothian to suffer negative publicity from PPP renovations as 3,000 pupils were given an extra day's holiday on Tuesday because their schools were not ready. They were all back by Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Labour-run Aberdeen is poised to emulate Argyll and Bute by setting up a not for profit body to run its PPP programme. The Scottish Executive is encouraging the council to think imaginatively about integrating other services with education facilities.

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