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Breaktime - The job stops here - Yoofspeak

Shegged (v)

Means: To fail, to fail to do something you said you would do, to be failed, or to be beaten

Usage: "Paul shegged his coursework completely.""Yeah, well Dave shegged you bad in the grade tables."

It is unarguably the slang that keeps on giving, as even a hint of a regional accent on its pronunciation and "shegged" becomes a classroom indecency. Yet you can continue sitting comfortably (hello Scotland, we noticed you looking particularly anxious), it is nothing to do with adolescent fumblings, and everything to do with pointing out a failure on someone's part in multiple contexts. Phew, we're back on familiar territory. Made popular in London, it was initially used to describe being stood up on a date ("She shegged me tonight, man, proper gutted."). But, as ever, situation-specific terminology soon gave way to more blanket use due to misappropriation, laziness and the Yoof's innate desire to point out the deficiencies in as many people as possible.

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