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Breaktime - The job stops here - Yoofspeak


Means: Stupid or idiotic

Usage: "Duh, Pi is 3.14 not 3.13. Darren knows nuttin', man, he's well soggy"

Soggy has long been the go-to word for Yoofs wishing to get their "downer" on - hate this, loathe that, think them lot loitering over there by the bins are particularly rubbish - as it conjures up such a vivid image of potential left to go awry. It has previously been used to mean everything from letting yourself go physically ("Steve's well buff, unlike Danny who's proper soggy") to sexually ("Sharon even slept with Danny, she's so soggy"), via a general displeasure with how everything's turned out ("How's things, man?" "Pretty soggy"). Finger on the pulse as ever, Yoofpseak can confirm that playground usage is now more focused on the brain and those who seemingly fail to use theirs, which is at least a step back on-message in an educational context, if not in emotional motivation.

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