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Breaktime - Pub quiz

1. Which two countries are connected by the Oresund Bridge?

2. Paul Potts was the first winner of which TV show?

3. What links Sri Lanka in 1960, India in 1966, Israel in 1969, France in 1991 and Australia in 2010?

4. Who did the Queen overtake last month to become the UK's second longest-serving monarch?

5. In Greek mythology, a chimera was comprised of parts of a lioness, a snake and which other animal?

6. What links red, black, blue, black and white stripes, white and orange?

7. Which English county is divided into North, West and East Ridings?

8. Which band released albums in the 1990s including Leisure, The Great Escape and 13?

9. By what name is the HG Wells character Griffin better known?

10. What links Edward of Woodstock, Edward Teach, Where is the Love? and the West Midlands?

Quiz answers below; for crossword answers see next week's issue

Pub Quiz answers 1. Sweden and Denmark, 2. Britain's Got Talent (in 2007), 3. Female prime ministers, 4. George III, 5. A goat, 6. The standard colour scheme of racing greyhound jackets, 7. Yorkshire, 8. Blur, 9. 'The Invisible Man', 10. Black: Black Prince, Blackbeard, hit for the Black Eyed Peas, the Black Country.

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