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ISSUE SYSTEMS FOR THE PRIMARY SCHOOL LIBRARY. SLA Guidelines. Kathy Lemaire. School Library Association. Pounds 4 (Pounds 3 SLA members) inc pp from SLA, Liden Library, Barrington Close, Liden, Swindon, Wilts SN3 6HF. Tel: 01793 617838. Fax: 01793 537374.

Keeping track of items loaned to pupils is essential; an efficient issue system will also provide valuable statistical information on library users.

This updated booklet considers six types of issue systems commonly used in primary schools, from computer-based records to simple form-filling or book-cards. The advantages and disadvantages of putting each into operation are considered, together with an explanation of what criteria the librarian should use to make the final decision. A brief list of suppliers is given, but it makes no attempt to evaluate products.

ESTABLISHING A HOMEWORK CLUB IN THE SECONDARY SCHOOL LIBRARY. SLA Guidelines. Jenny Cottrell. School Library Association. Pounds 5 (Pounds 4 to SLA members) inc pp.

A homework club is not quite the same thing as a homework centre; centres are usually based in a library or youth club, and provide facilities that pupils can drop in and use when they feel the need to.

The idea of the homework club is that it aims to provide the same sort of resources but pupils attend at an agreed regular time and there are always helpers on hand to offer advice. These guidelines spell out the benefits a club can offer and show how they can be set up, funded and promoted.

LIBRARY ASSOCIATION GUIDELINES FOR SECONDARY SCHOOL LIBRARIES. Edited by Anthony Tilke. Library Association Publishing. Pounds 15.95 (Pounds 12. 76 to LA members).

The latest version of the school librarians' Bible examines every aspect of the job. Sections on organising accommodation, staff management, and the teaching of information skills offer advice and models of good practice. The promotion of the service to its users, and monitoring and evaluation of performance are covered in detail.

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