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Science and theatre workshops which enable pupils to enjoy hands-on experience of the role played by lighting are being offered by the Norwich Playhouse Education Department.

Led by fully-qualified lighting technicians, they will, says education officer Roberta Hamond, "make the most of the excitement of theatre lighting, but draw attention also to the use of lighting in business, the home and elsewhere".

Targeted at 8 to12-year-olds, the school-based workshops address key stage 2 science targets and are accompanied by teachers' notes. Follow-up projects are also being offered. A workshop lasting one-and-a-half hours for a maximum of 20 students costs Pounds 70 (exc VAT).

Norwich Playhouse, 42-58 St George's Street, Norwich NR3 1AB.

The latest in voucher schemes for equipment has been announced by Philips, the audio-visual manufacturer, and Esso.

This time, schools can obtain a wide range of AV equipment in exchange for Esso Tiger Tokens, new or old (one token per Pounds 6-worth of petrol).

A portable cassette recorder costs 575 tokens (a mere Pounds 3,450-worth of petrol), a 14-inch colour TV 1,875 tokens, and with video recorder and remote control 4,150 tokens. A CD-i player, which plugs into the TV and plays compact discs with video, text and sound, costs 4,350 tokens. Vouchers are redeemed in the normal fashion.

To coincide with the scheme, Philips has launched The Philips Schools Collection, a catalogue featuring products of specific relevance to schools.

Further information on the "Pump Up the Knowledge" helpline: 0171-976 6699.

Aschool club for 11 to 13-year-olds has just been launched by the Army. Members are offered a schedule of visits, privileged looks behind the scenes of the Army and challenges to develop skills such as teamwork and leadership, decision-making and physical abilities.

School Challenger offers pupils "an insight into the Army, but also has a practical purpose making them think hard about the Army as a career move when the time comes," says Captain Anna Steel.

Membership costs Pounds 40 a team (up to 15 members) and schools receive members' and teacher's packs containing items such as badges, camouflage bags and baseball caps.

School Challenger, PO Box 934, Poole, Dorset, BH17 7BR.

H ealth and safety is the topic for a new kit produced by IChemE, the Institution of Chemical Engineers. Called the Health and Safety Activities Box, the cross-curricular kit looks at risk control and management rather than focusing on particular hazards, and aims, says a spokeswoman, "to get children to think through the consequences of what they do".

The box contains more than 100 games and activities for use with 5 to 11-year-olds, teacher's notes, workcards, activities and games such as the Bacterial Biscuit Board Game, in which children add or subtract bacteria from a biscuit.

The Health and Safety Executive and several major companies have also been involved in its production. It costs Pounds 195 (excluding VAT).

IChemE, 165-189 Railway Terrace, Rugby CV21 3HQ.

A scheme to produce identity cards for schools and other organisations has been launched by Laminex International.

Schools wanting staff ID cards, but put off by the cost of special cameras and systems, can submit passport-sized pictures of each staff member to Laminex, who will design, print, laminate and deliver supplies of tamper-resistant ID cards. Cards ranging from simple name badges to sophisticated access control cards can be produced.

Laminex International, Bromfield Industrial Estate, Mold, Clwyd CH7 1JR.

A gift to future generations in the form of a time capsule was buried last month at Transperience, the new transport discovery park sited near Bradford, due to open in July.

Containing artefacts such as newspapers, books, photographs, bus timetables and area guides, the time capsule is designed to give an insight into the life and events of the 1990s.

Transperience, West Yorkshire Transport Discovery Park, Mill Lane, Bradford BD5 OTX.

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