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A life on - and in - the ocean wave has been voted a hit by under-14s across the UK. Children from 60 sciZmic science clubs chose The DK Guide to the Ocean, by Frances Dipper (Dorling Kindersley pound;9.99), to win the junior section of the Aventis Prize for Science Books, organised by the Royal Society. Dr Dipper gets pound;10,000 for her dazzling exploration of marine life.

Five runners-up get pound;1,000 each. Horrible Science: the terrible truth about time, by Nick Arnold (Scholastic pound;3.99), finds out in true "horrible style" how flies tell the time, what happens if you go too close to a black hole, and who was killed for changing the calendar.

Get in Gear, by Sholly Fisch (Innovative Kids pound;14.99), helps readers build wacky contraptions directly on the pages, using real gears and a built-in motor stored in the kit at the back of the book.

Leap Through Time: dinosaur, by Nicholas Harris (Orpheus Books pound;5.99), follows the story of a dinosaur from hatchling to fossil. The Why Can't II? series, by Sally Hewitt (Chrysalis Children's Books pound;10.99 each), explores scientific principles for young children. The Way Science Works, by Robin Kerrod and Dr Sharon Ann Holgate (Dorling Kindersley pound;14.99), uses experiments, like making polymer slime, to underpin key theories.

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