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In brief

BEST BOOK GUIDE: For Children and Young Adults. Booktrust pound;5.

This annual guide from the Booktrust children's team and its network of advisers and reviewers used to be called 100 Best Books, but now there are more titles in it: all paperbacks published in 2002, all with Booktrust's recommendation.

It concentrates on fiction (from first books for babies up to young adult) but cherry-picks poetry and non-fiction titles, and groups child readers into useful, meaningful categories such as "newly fluent" and "adventurous". The subject index shows that 2002 was a good year for humour, fantasy, family stories and adventure, but surprisingly thin on football tales and myths and legends.

This guide won't remind you of key classic novels or keep you up to date with the very latest titles, but it is a useful pointer towards books with child appeal that should be easy to get hold of but which may have slipped out of immediate view since publication.

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