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Looking at Life: learning in groups through oral history. A toolkit By Ann Burke and Mary Corbett with Ruth Stratton and Ken Wright University of Hertfordshire pound;10 plus pamp;p from School of Continuing Education and Partnerships, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield Campus AL10 9AB Tel: 01707 285217 You have to be careful with oral history. An annual outdoor event in our town that began in the 1970s is staunchly supported by elderly residents who are sure they remember it from their pre-War childhood. That said, there's no denying the importance of catching and recording memories before they fade. Anyone of any age today has had a rich and remarkable life; the trick lies in getting them to recognise this and to speak about it, which is what this book aims to do.

This really is a "toolkit", providing not only a range of techniques for getting people to talk in groups, but practical advice about exhibitions and publications. There's also a useful section on "trigger material".

This is a fine resource that will be useful at all levels from primary (especially history and literacy) to adult education.

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