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In Brief

The London Montessori Centre is launching a new Infant Toddler Diploma, beginning in September. The London Montessori Centre Diploma, which can be studied either as a full or part-time course, can also be done as a correspondence course.

In addition to Montessori nursery practice, students will learn about the administrative and managerial procedures necessary for setting up their own nursery.

The syllabus will include child development, care and health; creative studies and communications; the child in society and children's special needs; early years environment; language acquisition and school management.

* For information contact Barbara Isaacs at the London Montessori Centre, 18 Balderton Street, London W1Y 1TG. Tel: 0171 493 0165.

* Choosing What's Best for Your Pre-school Child is a new booklet from the National Early Years Network. The 24-page guide outlines what parents can expect from different types of provision, including childminders, nannies, pre-schools and playgroups, day nurseries, nursery education, kids' clubs and cr`eches.

It gives advice on meeting the costs of childcare and pre-school education, and explains the nursery voucher scheme.

* A pack of 10 copies costs Pounds 5, plus Pounds 1.40 pp. Individual copies are free to parents sending an A5 SAE marked "Choosing" to the National Early Years Network, 77 Holloway Road, London N7 8JZ.

Primary Update

Next week's 20-page magazine looks at a range of issues including: * The relationships between schools and parents * Raising standards * Identifying dyslexics

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