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In brief

Everyday Science series. By Barbara Taylor. About your Body. In the Bathroom. In the Kitchen. At the Seaside Macdonald Pounds 8.50 each, Age range 6-plus

These books certainly answer the questions children regularly ask. They are lively and interesting, information is presented in short, clear sections and readers will relate well to the people in the photographs.

Specialist vocabulary is introduced as part of the accurate, scientific descriptions, which are accompanied by clear diagrams and photographs. The facts and quizzes captured the interest of my pupils, who also enjoyed sharing the information with others.

FIND OUT ABOUT series, The Body. By Anita Ganeri Changes. By Godfrey Hall Light and Sound. By David Palmer. BBC Books Pounds , 3.99 each, Age range 5 - 7

This series makes an excellent starting point for discussion with small groups of infants. Important words are highlighted giving children at different reading levels access to the text. One or two photographs may be slightly misleading and the labelling in The Body is not very clear. Ideas for activities are well presented and easy to follow; some are suitable for children on their own, others will need adult help. Overlays which show inside the body particularly capture the readers' interest.

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