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Though road accidents are the most common cause of accidental death among 16 to 19-year-olds, there is very little educational material aimed at teenagers who are about to take to the road for the first time. The video So You Want to Get on the Road is the result of a partnership between HMSO and the Norfolk Constabulary and aims to go someway to fill the gap.

It explains how to get a provisional licence, gives tips on selecting an instructor and how to get Compulsory Basic Training for Motorcycles. It also ad-vises on selecting and buying a second-hand car and on road awareness, dangers and safety.

Included is a mock-up of a shocking car crash in which a young man loses control of his vehicle. The video will be sent free to schools, police forces and road safety officers.

Further copies from HMSO Books, Publicity Dept V, St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich NR3 1PD.

Swimsafe is a programme of resources and training organised by the Schools Consortium, a group of schools working with commerce to develop schemes that improve education. In this case the consortium has secured sponsorship from Johnson's Kids, a bath product.

Schools who register for the scheme receive a free resource pack and wall-chart outlining lesson plans covering health and hygiene; safety in and around water and enjoying water safely. On completion of the lessons they are invited to set up a snorkeling club which could earn income for the school. Arrangements have been made with the British Sub-Aqua Club to provide training, insurance, and essential equipment.

The Schools Consortium, 2-3 John Oliver Buildings, 53 Wood Street, Herts EN5 4BS. Telephone helpline: 0181 449 9965.

Changes to vehicle lighting regulations now mean that the internationally recognised symbol showing two children in silhouette can be displayed at the front and rear of school minibuses to indicate that there are children either on board the bus or in its vicinity.

Noyna Safety, a company specialising in the supply of reflective markings for emergency service vehicles, is offering these signs direct to schools. The design is approved by the Department of Transport. As vehicles should not display the signs when not carrying children, a magnetic, easily removed version is also available.

Self-adhesive signs cost around Pounds 30 a pair; magnetic signs around Pounds 50. Noyna Safety, 222 Stretford Road, Urmston, Manchester M41 9NT.

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