In brief

Trailblazers series. Collins Pounds 7.99 each.

One of the pleasures of good information books is returning to them again and again. Trailblazers are such books. Only A5 in size and 24 pages long, they are full of information. The text is well supported with colourful illustrations, but the real gems are hidden. There are tabs to pull, wheels to spin, acetates to lift and flaps to open.

Turning a wheel in Beyond the Night Sky shows how a star goes supernova. Deadly Creatures is not for the squeamish. A trapdoor spider leaps on its prey and the jaws of a snake really open. The Human Body allows children to see how things work, from the movement of joints and muscles to the rise and fall of the rib cage. Some of the language may need support, but these books are likely to be popular with the middle-school age range.

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