Brief affair

The trip to Inverness was one of vehicular distress for at least two leading Cosla lights. Margaret Highet, North Ayrshire's education vice-chair, suffered a puncture, while Ross Martin, the West Lothian education chair, stopped to help a stranded motorist with the same problem.

But that wasn't Martin's last brush with misbehaving vehicles, as the meeting was interrupted to alert a driver (him) that his car door had been left or broken open. This provided Elizabeth Maginnis, Cosla's education chair, with plenty of innocent amusement as she mused over what might have been stolen.

As she was winding up (sic) the meeting, Maginnis said Martin was becoming impatient to get to his car "to find out whether his underwear has been scattered about the town". Martin said his main worry was "whether somebody else's underwear had been scattered about".

Fortunately, his underwear - and everything else - was found to be in good order.

Cosla's next education meeting is in Edinburgh. Boring, really.

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