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Two more data projectors with added security features are being launched into the education market. Hitachi has just launched the ED-X10, which includes a distinctive orange colour and will be sold only to schools, colleges and universities. Other features include a user-selectable pin code and a transition detector that locks the projector if it is moved.

Once the detector is activated, the pin code set by the product administrator is needed to unlock it. This works with two other protection systems - one locks the power-on system until a pin sequence is sent from the remote control, and the other locks a unique "my screen" start-up image that is always displayed on start-up. This image can be used to identify the rightful owner. The ED-X10 also has an integral steel security bar that allows it to be physically tethered to a fixed point. It costs around pound;700.

Meanwhile, Toshiba is launching the X2000 range of projectors this summer.

These will have a bright orange top cover for easy identification, a detachable panel, which has to be reconnected to the projector if it is unplugged from its power source, plus a password function. "We built the X2000 to Becta's recommendations for projector security and believe that these features will help to reduce projector theft from schools," says Olivier Van Wynendaele of Toshiba. No price details were available as TES Online went to press.



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Tes Editorial

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