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Bristol - Jobs for the boys (and girls)

They might be aged only 10, but Bristol children have been busy picking their future careers during visits to local employers.

Around 300 pupils from the city's primary schools are taking tours of workplaces this month as part of a drive to make them think about their options for the future.

Children from Bank Leaze primary visited Rolls-Royce, the Council House, the harbour master and Spike Island art gallery to gain an insight into various types of employment as part of Bristol City Council's "My Future, My Choice" programme.

Before their trips, the children had considered career options such as footballer, hairdresser, teacher, but afterwards they were keen to become zoo keepers, engineers, architects and marine biologists.

Headteacher Mark Lacey, from Parson Street primary, which has also taken part in the programme, said: "This has been an incredible opportunity for our children to raise their aspirations in terms of what they can aim for and achieve in the future.

"It has given them a much broader view of the world of work and what is possible. We are sure that this will help them take their learning ever more seriously as they realise what an impact it will have on their future life chances."

Other companies in Bristol offering school visits include the BBC, Cabot Circus shopping centre, the Bristol Evening Post and Bristol Airport.

If the pilot is successful this year, up to 3,000 children in the city could take part in 2011. KM.

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